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Winners of the Merit Award

Flamingo Stampede
A Broadway/flamingo page dedicated to fun. Features:
Adopt-A-Mingo, Reviews, and Olympics.

Score: 81
Awarded: August 16, 2000

Winners of the Elegance Award

55 Rue Plumet
A site about Les Miserables, the musical and the book.

Score: 92
Awarded: August 16, 2000


Angel Lover's Place
A lovely site for all angel lovers

Score: 83
Awarded June 24, 2001

Don Juan Triumphant's Reign
A fabulous site for The Phantom, and other fun stuff!

Awarded June 24, 2001

Winners of the Originality Award

Skyhawk Fire Heart
It's the official website for Blackfeet/Umatilla artist SkyHawk,
his resume, bio, gallery, travel log, pages for kids and reflections for adults.

Score: 94
Awarded: July 17, 2002


Texas Precancel Club
A specialized hobby site for precancel stamp collectors

Score: 80
Awarded: November 22, 2002

Winners of the Beauty Award

MP3 Shrine
On this site you may download lots of game-music mp3s. You may also find
information about some of the greatest game-music composers!

Score: 85
Awarded: June 18, 2002


This is a homepage with mainly a Native American theme: culture, artists, Pow
Wows, but also Sandpiper's  gallery and  travel, webdesign, humor and more.

Awarded: June 18, 2002

Winners of the Family Award

Green Frog Poetry Club
The Green Frog Poetry Club is a FUN, FREE, FAMILY SITE hosted by Aussie Author
Sue Macauley. Sue's very popular book "There's Green Frog Poo in my Sneaker again" takes a
humorous look at tropical life and is now in its 3rd reprint. The site has free Poetry & slang
lessons and free competitions.  Sue is also helped out by her constant and chatty companion
"Larry" (an adorable rainbow lorry). 

Score: 72
Awarded: November 22, 2002

Hollywood Boulevard - The Virtual Tour

A photographic tour of Hollywood boulevard, its highlights and landmarks, and more.

Score: 70
Awarded: January 18, 2003


The Game Puppet
A safe surf rated gaming, graphics, Civil War, St. Augustine, Gettysburg, and Christian site with something for the whole family.

Score: 91
Awarded: December 29, 2003

Winners of the Layout Award

Harpo Marx Site
This site is dedicated to the quietest of The Marx Brothers, Harpo Marx.

Score: 75
Awarded: November 22, 2002


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