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Winners of Scarlet Pimpernel Merit Award

Discover William Paul Michals
The first [unofficial] web site on the Scarlet
Pimpernel 4.0 "Chauvelin". Discover his background in theatre, film, TV, and concert
performances. Also includes links, a chat room, and the latest on the show, actor, and

Score: 80
Awarded: June 26, 2000

Chauvelin's Place
Chauvelin's Place is, as you know, a site made
'by' Citizen Armand Chauvelin. It has photos, the largest collection of sound clips from the AA
movie, and interactive things to do.

Score: 70
Awarded: July 6, 2000

The Scarlet Pimpernel Site
A webpage for all devoted Scarlet Pimpernel fans.

Score: 65
Awarded: November 22, 2002

Winners of Scarlet Pimpernel Most Fun Site Award

Kelda Blakeney's Palace the irreverent business since February 1998...home
of the Pimpernel-Isms and various other treatises of fandom, the site is a celebration of the
Scarlet Pimpernel fan experience.

Score: 80
Awarded: June 27, 2000

Lady Katherine's Sitting Room
A fun site for Leaguer's fanfiction, personal experiences,
poetry, and other madness having to do with the Scarlet Pimpernel!

Score: 84
Awarded: June 28, 2000

They Seek Him Here....
An unofficial Scarlet Pimpernel fan site, for appreciators of any of the movies,
the play, the book, and any other version. Features mutiple fanfics, information, links to
other helpful SP sites, as well as much more for visitors to utilize.

Score: 83
Awarded: July 2, 2000

Winner of Scarlet Pimpernel Beauty Award

DAAM!: The Unofficial Marc Kudisch Website
A fan site for Broadway performer Marc Kudisch, whose credits include The
Scarlet Pimpernel (Chauvelin), Beauty and the Beast (Gaston), The Wild Party (Jackie), Bye Bye
Birdie (Conrad), and many other shows.

Score: 83
Awarded: June 26, 2000

Lady Katherine's Sitting Room
A fun site for Leaguer's fanfiction, personal experiences,
poetry, and other madness having to do with the Scarlet Pimpernel!

Score: 92
Awarded: January 8, 2001

Winners of Scarlet Pimpernel Originality Award

Official Bryan Batt Website
The official website of Broadway veteran Bryan Batt

Score: 91
Awarded: June 27, 2000

In Her Wake
The first Scarlet Pimpernel Fanfiction Archive.
Home to 50 fanfics and poems (currently), with more coming!
Also the future home of the archived "Inspector and the Pimpernel".

Score: 85
Awarded: June 27, 2000

Sur Mon Manege
Centered mostly around the musical, my site contains conspiracies, altered
lyrics, altered pictures, as well as other fun stuff! Vivez!

Score: 86
Awarded: July 6, 2000

Sir Percy's Study
Home of Scarlet Pimpernel mad libs. A fun site consisting of
original fanfiction, song parodies, and other amusing pimpernel paraphernalia.

Score: 93
Awarded: January 8, 2001

Winners of "One of the Web's Best Scarlet Pimpernel Sites"

The Crimson Wayside Flower
The Crimson Wayside Flower is primarily a Pimpernel fan fiction site, though we
welcome stories from many other sources, from the film Labyrinth to Leroux's The Phantom of the
Opera. We are proud to host stories from several very talented authors (Janet Mitchell, Dorthe
Enger, and K. B. Blair, among others). We have gathered many loyal readers who return after
each update to read the new stories and additions to works in progress.

Score: 97
Awarded: September 2, 2001

Honorable Mentions

Sur Mon Manege
A site for Scarlet Pimpernel obsession including altered songs, altered
pictures, fanfiction, quiz/survey, altered musicals, jokes, French translations, calendars,
computer stuff, and much more!

Score: 93
Awarded: January 8, 2001

Place Greve Archives

The site is an archieve of all the stories writen on the Place Greve Role Play List.

Score: 90
Awarded: June 17, 2002


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