Lord Tony's Wife

Original publication date:
November-December, 1793
A coniving peasant, Pierre Adet, leads a mob against the Duc de Kernogan in Nantes and assaults his daughter, Yvonne. Because of his crime, Pierre flees Nantes for many years. His father is hanged for his crime, and he is determined to seek revenge. Under the alias of Martin-Roget, he returns and, with the help of Chauvelin, plans to marry Yvonne and lure the Duc back to Nantes. However, Yvonne has eloped with Lord Antony Dewhurst. Martin-Roget still manages to persuade her father to lure Yvonne away from Lord Tony. Martin-Roget then kidnaps her and the three set off for France. Lord Tony must seek the help of The Scarlet Pimpernel to save his wife! Can Yvonne and her father escape the clutches of Pierre Adet? Will Lord Tony ever see his wife again? Does Sir Percy really spend 100 francs on silk cravats??