Morning Chronicle
September 8, 1792
[page 3]

[ . . . ] "Can we go with confidence to meet the enemy, and leave traitors in existence behind us?" [ . . . ] -"Let us cut the throats of every traitor!" Such was the horrid proposition made in the Assembly of the Federates, in the Hall of the Jacobins!-Such were the exclamations of the [---] that crowded the streets! The blood freezes in our veins while we relate the effects of this monstrous proposition. The mind revolts from the [---], as a horrible calumny on our common nature, but truth demands the sad and shocking reality.

[ . . . ] The feelings of our Readers will have no need of commentary on this heard-rending scene [of the September Massacres]. This history of man does not furnish its parallel. [ . . . ]

[---] = illegible in the copy of the newspaper on which this transcription is based

Alan Liu, English Dept., U. California, Santa Barbara (transcribed 2/17/00)