Non-Pimpernel Books by Baroness Orczy

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The Turbulent Duchess: H.R.H. Madame la Duchesse de Berri


U.S. publication 1936 
Links in the Chain of Life - Autobiography *



Detective Stories
 The Old Man in the Corner *

 Republished in U.S. as The Man in the Corner, 1909
 The Case of Miss Elliott

 Lady Molly of Scotland Yard, *

 Castles in the Air

 Skin o' my Tooth *

 The Man in Grey *

 Unravelled Knots


Set in France
Nicolette 1922  
Fire in Stubble * 1912 U.S. The Noble Rogue
Petticoat Government 1910 U.S. Petticoat Rule
A True Woman 1911 U.S. The Heart of a Woman
A Spy of Napolean 1934  
The Bronze Eagle 1915  Mentions Sir Percy and the League
A Sheaf of Bluebells 1917 aka The Legion of Honour
Flower of the Lily 1918 U.S. publication 1919
A Joyous Adventure 1932 19th century France & England - refers to the SP and part is set in The Fisherman's Rest
The Uncrowned King  1935 Set in France, England, and Holland
Will o' the Wisp  1947  

Set in Hungary
Marivosa 1930
A Son of the People 1906
A Bride of the Plains 1915

Set in Holland
Leatherface: A Tale of Old Flanders  1916

Set in England
The Tangled Skein  1907 US: In Mary's Reign
Beau Brocade * 1908 US publication 1907
The Nest of the Sparrowhawk 1909  
Meadowsweet 1912  
His Majesty's Well-beloved 1919  
The Honourable Jim 1924  
The Celestial City 1926 Set in England, Austria, and Hungary
No Greater Love 1938 Set in England and Russia. One character is Nowell Ffoulkes, great-great-grandson of Sir Andrew Ffoulkes.
"I have heard it said that he was an intimate friend of Sir Percy Blakeney, who was believed in his day to have been the Scarlet Pimpernel." - p. 85
The Divine Folly 1937 Set in England and France

Set in Various Countries
Blue Eyes and Grey  1928  Canada US publication 1919
Unto Ceasar 1914 Rome  
Pride of Race 1942 Italy  
By the Gods Beloved 1905 Egypt US title: The Gates of Kamt
The Emperor's Candlesticks1899Austria, Russia  

Unknown Settings
Les Beaux Et Les Dandys de Grands Siècles En Angleterre  1924 54 page pamphlet, only 100 copies were printed for a Conference in Monaco
A Question of Temptation 1925 25 pages, perhaps a short story published in a magazine 
In the Rue Monge * 1931 22 pages, perhaps a short story published in a magazine 

Short Stories

Stories which appear in The League of the Scarlet Pimpernel but were also published separately: *

The Traitor, 1912
Two Good Patriots, 1912
The Old Scarecrow, 1916
How Jean-Pierre Met the Scarlet Pimpernel, 1917

Story in The Man in Grey published separately: *

Silver-Leg, 1918

Story in Adventures of the Scarlet Pimpernel published separately: *

The Principal Witness, 1919 

Stories in Unravelled Knots published separately:

The Old Man in the Corner Unravels the Mystery of the Khaki Tunic, 1923
The Old Man in the Corner Unravels the Mystery of the Pearl Necklace & the Tragedy in Bishop's Road, 1924
The Old Man in the Corner Unravels the Mystery of Bradenell Court & the Tytherton Case, 1924
The Old Man in the Corner Unravels the Mystery of the Russian Prince & of Dog's Tooth Cliff, 1924
The Old Man in the Corner Unravels the Mystery of the Fulton Gardens Mystery & the Moorland Tragedy, 1925
The Old Man in the Corner Unravels the Mystery of the White Carnation & the Montmartre Hat, 1925
The Miser of Maida Vale, 1925

Translations and Works edited by Baroness Orczy

Old Hungarian Fairy Tales  1895 With Montagu Barstow
The Enchanted Cat 1895  
Fairyland's Beauty 1895 aka The Suitors of Princess Fire-Fly
Uletka and the White Lizard 1895  

Play Productions

The Scarlet Pimpernel Nottingham, Theatre Royal - October 15, 1903
London, New Theatre - January 5, 1905
The Sin of William Jackson London, Lyric Theatre, August 28, 1906
Beau Brocade Eastbourne, Sussex, Devonshire Park Theatre - May 4, 1908
London, Cornet Theatre - June 1, 1908 
The Duke's Wager Manchester, Prince's Theatre - November 8, 1911 
The Legion of Honour Bradford, Theatre Royal - May 27, 1918
London, Aldwych Theatre - August 24, 1921 
Leatherface Portsmith, Theatre Royal - September 25, 1922 

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