You Know You're An Obsessed SP fan when...


1. have every word of every script to all the SP movies memorized.

2. class, instead of doodling names of loved ones in your life or little hearts with arrows through them, little scarlet flowers and "Percy + Marguerite = Love" appear instead.

3. are active in a role-playing game about our beloved SP.

4.'ve made an SP webpage.

5.'ve read all the books at least twice and have whole chapters memorized and recite them on demand.

6. ...if you have a signature for e-mail, it's sure to be a certain Sir Percy Blakeney poem.

7. take weeks and weeks of your spare time to write an SP fanfiction.

8. spend a few more weeks and weeks of your spare time typing up an SP book (Orczy Origin) for all other Pimpernel fans to enjoy.

9. carry a SP book with you everywhere you go.

10. ...your everyday phrases range anywhere from "Sink me!" to "Odd's fish!"

11. of your favourite words is "cravat."

12. plan on having your wedding dress to look the same as Jane Seymour's/Marguerite's in the 1982 version.

13. research encyclopedias and internet webpages to understand what exactly happened in the French Revolution.

14. ...your "nom de plume" is a character from any SP thing.

15. try to perfect every movement of Anthony Andrews/Percy from the 1982 movie, including dancing and swordfights, but are never quite as perfect as he is.

16. have every single SP thing you could find either taped or saved on your computer.

17. spend over an hour of your time thinking up a whole list of things that classifies you as an obsessed SP fan.

18. own a cravat.

19. use a gold-rimmed spy glass, even though you can see just fine.

20.'ve had your name legally changed to "Percy" or "Marguerite"

21. sold your car and bought a carriage and 4 horses.

22. wear an 18th century wig whenever you go out.

23. ... you can twitch your nose like Anthony Andrews. (submitted by Armand St. Just)

24. have a Scarlet Pimpernel tattoo. (submitted by Sir Dingly-Dang)

25. humbly refer to your house as "Blakeney Manor" (submitted by Sir Dingly-Dang)

26. are saving every penny you earn to buy a sailing yacht which you will call The Day Dream. (submitted by Sir Dingly-Dang)

27. ...your family knows who Sir Percy, Margot, Chauvelin and every other main person from ANY thing that has to do with TSP is and dives for cover when you say, "They seek him here..." (submitted by Elenna Croyden)

28. would rather spend time reading TSP than talk to a real person 55% of the time. (submitted by Margot)

29. plan on naming your first son Percy and your first daughter Marguerite. (submitted by Margot)

30.'ve actually tried to explain what a Pimpernel really is to that simpleton in your English class who insists on referring to it as "That Pimp Book." (submitted by Anne Boleyn)

31. own several cravats, and spend all day perfecting different ways of tying them.

32. own a "Marguerite" dress and you wear public...with your friends who also have dresses. (submitted by Lady Ffoulkes)

33. watch a movie and instead of thinking how well the leading actor plays his part, you wonder if he would make a good Sir Percy. (submitted by JennMargot)

34. spend more time thinking about how many people you've turned into Pimpernelites than you do figuring out how much money you have. (submitted by JennMargot)

35. always carry TSP with you in your purse, thus making it rather heavy and causing people to ask what you have in there, giving you a perfect entry into a talk about the joys of Pimpernelism. (submitted by JennMargot)

36. give your dog the middle name of Blakeney, because she already had a name when you got her. (submitted by JennMargot)

37. call your mother Louise, (Margot's maid, not Armand's girl-friend) your sister Suzanne and your father Benyon or Frank (Percy's valets) and then wonder where Percy got to... (submitted by JennMargot)

38. talk with a French accent 50% of the time and with a English accent the other 50%. (submitted by JennMargot)

39. go to get the mail, telling your mother you're off to meet the post to see if a note has arrived from The Scarlet Pimpernel with your orders. (submitted by JennMargot)

40. buy a dress/shirt/pants/skirt/hat because it has flowers on it that look like Pimpernels. (submitted by JennMargot)

41. ...your favourite earrings are small dangling ones that have red stones in the shape of a star-flower. You tell people, whether they are interested or not, that they are Scarlet Pimpernels. (submitted by JennMargot)

42. ...your landscaping plan: nothing but scarlet pimpernel flowers, even though you are highly allergic to them.

43. divulge you entire being into historical costuming of the late 18th century and end up shrieking about how historically imprecise the garments from the movies, musical and such are. (submitted by the Marquise de Chauvelin)

44. actually have a marriage license between yourself and an SP character. (submitted by the Marquise de Chauvelin)

45. spend your free time writing ridiculous parodies around SP ... especially Percy's best lines... such as, "I'd sought you here, I'd sought you there, I'd sought this website ev'rywhere. So demmed glad I found you, So that I can, Tell you Sir Percy is my fav'rite man!" (submitted by Lady Rayn)

46. find yourself saying "zounds" all the time, and are constantly being asked to explain what it means. (submitted by Jennifer C)

47. ...your family screeches in agony every time you suggest TSP as the movie for the evening's viewing. (submitted by Lady Sariah Blakeney)

48. have every copy of every film of TSP still in existence--even if you had to pay through the nose to get the Anthony Andrews version. (submitted by Lady Sariah Blakeney)

49. spend three months writing, penciling, and inking an entire SP comic book for a portfolio class--and did it voluntarily. (submitted by Lady Sariah Blakeney)

50. research the French Revolution in history books for references to the daring exploits of the Scarlet Pimpernel and are surprised and indignant at finding no mention of him. (Submitted by Mademoiselle Scarlet)

51. are known around school as 'that girl who beats you up after you say something wrong about that stupid book in English class'. (note: I just yelled someone's ear off for doing that. Lucky for me, my teacher's an SP fan.) (Submitted by Lady Pimpernel)

52. spend time thinking up things you can add to this list. (Submitted by the flower girl)

53. have spent an entire paycheck on Mechlin Lace instead of buying food. (Submitted by Sir Dingly-Dang)

54. name all of your pets, (or mostly) with names from the Scarlet Pimpernel. (Submitted by Marguerite)

55. ...your English teacher asks you to memorize something from Shakespeare, and you insist on sticking a few "sink me"s in when you have to recite it.

56. ...your nickname is Lord Peter: the Partially Periwinkle, Practically Punctual, and Precocious, Pony-tailed, Princess of Prowess Preoccupied with Pimpernels (And yes, this really is my nickname and my friends have ones similar) (Submitted by Lord Peter)

57. ...your cats' names are Percy and Ozzy (because you paid off your little brother who wanted to name them Porthos and Athos) (Submitted by Lord Peter)

58. are shocked and furious when your gifted teacher fails to know the correct dates of the French Revolution; you then hop in to give a little lecture. (Submitted by Lord Peter)

59. ...your Christmas list reads as follows: 1. Scarlet Pimpernel Sequels    2. whatever (Submitted by Lord Peter)

60. ...your friends know better than to mention the fact Sir Ian Mckellen didn't win an Oscar in your presence as it sends you into a fit. (Submitted by Lord Peter)

61. ...the instant conversation lulls, you pipe up with "Sink me, have you ever seen that stunning movie The Scarlet Pimpernel?" When they reply with "Never heard of it" you take out your calendar and set a date when you can get together and watch it with them, just so you have a reason to see it again, and elaborate on the finer details of the plot. (Submitted by The Ladies a Poet)

62. take months to write a script for the book because, as good as they are, you feel that no movie is as good as the original book, with that sense of mystery of who IS the Scarlet Pimpernel. (Submitted by DesertWillow)

63. ...random people, such as your high school track coach and some guy you've seen at the local library, begin looking like actors from the Scarlet Pimpernel. You immediately develope crushes on them and fantasize about what they'd look like in cravats, frills, and lace. (Submitted by "Girl with that blaze in her eyes")

64. ...your home page is so each time you go on the Net you can check to see if the second series of SP is out on video. (Submitted by Madame d'Pontmercy)

65. hear someone disparagingly referred to as a fop and take an instant liking to that person. (Submitted by Lady Marguerite Blakeney)

66. start taking opera glasses everywere. (Submitted by let them eat cake)

67. start renting out opera boxes even though you think the music is dreadful. (Submitted by the Marquis de Sade)

68. ...every time you read a fan fiction, you cringe any time something conflicts with Orczy (since you have every detail memorized), forgetting the meaning of fanfiction. (Submitted by Rosemary)

69. have to stop Language class to impatiently lecture your teacher that Les Mis did *not* happen before TSP, they were two different revoutions, and get caught up in explaining France history from square one. (I actually did this in 8th grade). (Submitted by Rosemary)

70. have your family making up rhymes about your volleyball game. Ex., Dad says, "She serves it here, she serves it there, that girl, she serves it everywhere..." P.S. Dad has never even read TSP. (Submitted by Rosemary)

71. ...every time you hear the word "love", you think of Percy and Marguerite. (Submitted by Lady Margot)

72. have to pick a name for your thought pot in English, you want Marguerite, but you can't pick it cuz everyone already knows ur obsessed and it would  have to be you.  So you find anything remotely related to TSP. (Submitted by Rosemary aka Kaeleigh)

73. actually know what a fop is. (Submitted by Lady Marguerite Blakeney)

74. ARE a fop.

75.'ve learned the hard way not to say "sink me!" while swimming with your brother. (Submitted by Lady Marguerite Blakeney)

76. start referring to people you don't like as (Submitted by Lady Marguerite Blakeney)

77. ... you chased down the guy who played Percy in the school play of a school you don't go to just to get his autograph (and asked him to sign it "from the Pimpernel") (Submitted by "oh it do shimmer so")

78. ...your teacher assigns you papers having to do with TSP (Because that's the only thing you'll read) (Submitted by Recluse the Nonchalant)

79. ...when reading in history books about the unsuccessful attempts to rescue the royal family your first reaction is "of course it didn't work, Sir Percy didn't come up with the idea!" (Submitted by Lady Marguerite Blakeney)

80. practice drawing scarlet pimpernels for hours and sign all your letters that way. (Submitted by Sir Percy Blakeney, bart.)

81. insist on keeping your pepper in a snuff-box. (Submitted by Lady Marguerite Blakeney)

82. ...when you are in Info Tech and your final is designing personal business letters ::drools on computer:: you love making up pretend names and addresses from SP (Scarlet Orczy Dr., Emmuska Publishing, Inc....) (Submitted by Rosemary)

83. ...even though your parents wont let you take French, you get a kick out of shortening "Spanish" in your planner to "SP" (Submitted by Rosemary)

84. ...your AIM buddy icon is a scarlet pimpernel. (Submitted by Rosemary)

85. spend your 10 minutes at the bus stop talking to another boy (who quite obviously isn't listening)about why you absolutely love the scarlet pimpernel and how he absolutely must see the 1982 version although yo've already elabortated on every single detail anyone could pick up. (Submitted by Lady Marguerite Blakeney {Jane Seymour})

86. spend half of your time thinking of new pictures to draw of the scarlet pimpernel, and the other half actually drawing them. (Submitted by Anonymous)

87. choose to do a computer science degree and the university because they will teach you how to make computer games, and this will then enable you to be able to make a scarlet pimpernel computer game. (Submitted by Anonymous)

88. recieve 8 SP books for Christmas, and three articles of clothing from the Blakeney Manor Gift Shoppe--and you are wearing your Brainless Fop shirt as you type this...... (Submitted by Rosemary)

89. ...when practicing verb conjungation and vocabulary in French, every sentence makes some sort of reference to SP (or one of your own fanfics) (Submitted by Aurora Daae)

90. have successfully devised a way for Sir Percy Blakeney to do the Scarlet Pimpernel rescue thing in practically EVERY time period in the history of the world (ie WWI, WWII, American Revolution, Industrial Revolution, Roman Empire, Reformation... etc, etc, etc) (Submitted by Aurora Daae)

91. ...your teacher turns into Chauvelin, you start seeing characters everywhere...and you start talking to them! (Submitted by Rachael Scarlette)

92. start writing French in English class. (Submitted by Rachael Scarlette)

93. ...on hearing the phrase "national anthem" you immediately jump up and start singing Le Marsailles! I've done it before! (Submitted by Rachael Scarlette)

94. start living in the 18th century, taking occasional times out to visit family, friends and work in the 21st! (Submitted by Rachael Scarlette)

95. buy 200 scarlet pimpernel seeds and plant them everywhere and give names from the SP to your favourite ones. (Submitted by <3 Percy)

96. have tried to seal letters with red candle wax and make pimpernel designs in it before it dries.  You succeed in burning your fingers and ruining the top of a table.  You are embarrassed when you have to say what you've been doing, but are more angry that it didn't work.... (Submitted by Polly)

97. see Gandalf in Lord of the Rings and say, "Hey, that's Chauvelin!!"  (Most of your friends see Chauvelin and call him Gandalf, but they are just plain confused.) (Submitted by Sink Me)

98. ...when someone says 'love', you instantly think of the prison scene in the 1982 'TSP' movie and then involuntarily sigh dramatically. (Submitted by Suzanne Pimpernel)

99. ...after seeing the play you go out and buy the CD. But until you find out where to buy it you listen to soundclips, look at pictures and find desktops. Not to mention dream about it! (Submitted by La! but someone has to strike a pose)

100. ...your treehouse has been turned into a meeting place for "the League" (your brothers and sisters), complete with maps, candles,  notes sigined with red flowers waiting to be sent, and is called Fort Percy. (Submitted by Yvonne Pimpernel)

101. spend an hour or so making a 'lovely' replica of a guillotine and then take it onto the back deck and smash it to bits while screaming, "Vive a la Scarlet Pimpernel! Down with the Republic!" (This has happened at our house! Who knows what the neighbors think!)  (Submitted by Suzanne Pimpernel)

102. write your own version of the play. (Submitted by "Oh, but I'm breathtaking!")

103. can relate to at least 30 of the items on this list. I relate to more than 40! (Submitted by Suzanne)

104. powder your hair. (Submitted by Lizzie Blakeney)

105. ...Scarlet Pimprenel characters find their way into your dreams. (Submitted by Lizzie Blakeney)

106. only use electric lights when you run out of candles. (Submitted by Lizzie Blakeney)

107. begin a "Book of the Month Club" but every month it's the same book.... (Submitted by Sir Dingly-Dang)

108. affect a foreign accent (British or French) when introducing yourself to strangers. (Submitted by Lizzie Blakeney)

109. ...when your mom starts to ask you what you want for your birthday, she rolls her eyes and says,"Don't tell me.I already know." (Submitted by Lizzie Blakeney)

110. start wondering why your P.E. class dosen't offer dueling as one of its activities. (Submitted by Baroness Orczy)

111. drive around town blasting Scarlet Pimpernel soundtracks to the embarassment of other passengers in your car. (Submitted by Marie Antoinette)

112. find yourself not only doodling scarlet pimpernels, but little guillotines as well (something you never would have considered doing before). (Submitted by Baroness Orczy)

113. ... whenever you are taking place in a conversation, you always manage to bring it around to the SP. (Submitted by Baroness Orczy)

114. ...when confronted with a locked door, you immediately say, "Open in the name of the Republic!" (Submitted by Leeanne)

115. ...your sister will not read the book and you sit up half the night during a power outage reading it aloud by flashlight to her, just to convince her that it *is* a good book and that she's nuts to think it isn't. (Submitted by Polly)

116. ...when you start believing that you ARE one of the Pimpernel characters.  (Submitted by Citoyenne Kathryn, Comité de Salut Public)

117. ...whenever you go to a party, a few hours later you are always found snoozing on a couch in the back room. (Submitted by Lizzie Blakeney)

118. have a picture of Sir Percy Blakney as your AIM buddy icon, and you frequently use "Sink me" in your e-mail correspondance. (Submitted by Daniel Kocher)

119. ...when even your anti-Pimpernel friends (heaven forbid you have any!) can quote any given Pimpernel line. (Submitted by Citoyenne Kathryn, Comité de Salut Public)

120. are willing to pay enormous library fines on your SP books because you just can't bear returning them. (Submitted by Leeanne)

121. thoroughly hate--and feel sorry the same time. (Submitted by Lady Eleanor Dewhurst)

122. ...every English AND history book project has something to do with scarlet pimpernels. (Submitted by Jaime)

123. join the fencing club just in case. (Submitted by Maggie Blake)

124. can successfully communicate with your friends for hours about any topic using only lines from the movies. (Submitted by Jolene)

125. get a lolly-pop, tye a string around it, hang it around your neck and strut about making remarks on everybody's clothes in a stupid accent. (Submitted by Pamplemousse)

126. can think of at least 20 different dramatic ways to say the word 'cravat'. (Submitted by Lady Gemma Dewhurst)

127. ...when watching one of the movies, you bombard the screen with bean bags (which you have on hand at every viewing) the minute Armand St. Just dares to show his face... or Armand Chauvelin for that matter. (Submitted by Basil Rathbone Fan)

128. can hear Anthony Andrews/Percy talking overtop your everyday conversations and when you start to smile your mother just groans,knowing what is coming. (Submitted by Begad!)

129. have a league. (Submitted by Citoyenne Kathryn, Comité de Salut Public)

130. have an unquenchable urge to recruit a random friend as your carrier, in order to deliver sealed notes to your League. (Submitted by Citoyenne Kathryn, Comité de Salut Public)

131. ...the seal used on the aforementioned note is of a scarlet pimpernel-which you had to spend seven times the original price, which was all ready far beyond your means, for the shipping charges. But you don't mind. (Submitted by Citoyenne Kathryn, Comité de Salut Public)

132. try for months to get your sister into the SP and are thouroughly satisfied when she finally expresses her love for it. (Submitted by Suzzane De Tourney)

133. leave notes with Percy's poem on them everywhere (the mall, grocery store, etc.) with the slight hope you might spark somone's curiosity. (Submitted by another Rathbone fan)

134. ...your old teacher and the school librarian ask you to lead the first ever student-led book club on "The Scarlet Pimpernel" and you spend the next three weeks telling all your friends who will listen to you to read it and come. (Submitted by Gilda)

135. ......your friends give you birthday cards addressing you as a character from the SP, and signing themselves as another. (Submitted by Polly)

136. ...everytime someone mentions fashion or any time you see or hear about the colour green, you break out into song, singing the lines:
               "He's been seen
               Wearing full Blakeney green..."
               Most people are used to it by now. (I've done it!) (Submitted by Marquis de St. Cyr)

137.'ve sucessfully blackmailed your friends into watching the 1982 version of the Scarlet Pimpernel and laugh insanely when they admit to it's being good. (Submitted by Shadow13)

138. name your hedgehogs after the main characters. (Of this I am quite guilty.) (Submitted by Princess Eowyn Marguerite)

139. have the Sims 2, and customise all your little sim people to look and act like the league and all the other characters in the book and customise atown as paris so they can all be romantic and fight and pimpernel esque stuff. (Submitted by Citizen wa wa. Chauvelin)

140. ...anything, even when it has nothing to do with the pimpernel you find you have the ability to re-write in in Sir Percy fashion (trust me i do this!) for exemple: The Fearless Vampire Killers Or Pardon Me But Your Teeth Are In My Neck. Sir Percy version: I beg your pardon dear chap but ‘twould seem that your elongated canines have found residence within my right jugular, could you possibly inconvenience yourself to remove them forthwith? (Submitted by Lady Gemma Blakeney)

141. ... when your mom discovers you've bought a magnificent yacht, she sighs and says "the Day Dream, right?" (Submitted by Anonymous)

142. go to a high school performance of the musical (a feat in itself) and spend the entire time a)reciting/singing with the characters or b)muttering the *proper* interpretation of the scenes to the consternation of those around you. (Submitted by Kiirien)

143. ...While gardening and finding SPs in your flowerbeds, you recall the movie you saw on TV only ONCE 23 years ago and watch it after greedily procuring from, then you compare every detail to the Orczy book, which you also ordered! (Submitted by The Red Baron)

144., after reading Mam'zelle Guillotine, proceed to call everybody 'your cabbage.' (guilty) (Submitted by Loni)

145. ...your favourite number is 1,439 (number of cravats Percy owns) and you are continually writing it on everybody's hand and on every page of everybody's book at school (Submitted by Loni)

146. start saying "sink me!" instead of swearing (Submitted by Anthony Andrews Fan)

147. ...while watching a pimpernel video/dvd you press the mute button and do all the text with perfect timing and pronounciation. (Submitted by Dutch Pimpernel Freak)

148. ...your mother named you Percy (Submitted by sirPercival)

149. scour the jewelry section of every store you go to until you find a ring with a small star-shaped red flower on it, you promptly buy it and wear it everywhere. (that's me!) (Submitted by Scarlet Pansy)

150. you're driving your siblings to some event that they need to be at, you pretend you're the SP driving a carriage full of aristos to safety. (and nearly forget not to speed) (Submitted by Scarlet Pansy)

151. read this list and check off the ones you have done. (Submitted by Goldmare)

152. hum the films tune in your head all day for 10 years (like me) (Submitted by Tina)

153. sit here reading soppy fan fictions of SP instead of doing your Latin work which has to be finished in a week! (which is what I'm doing right now) (Submitted by Loni)

154. read 'Blakeney Sale' instead of 'Bake sale' on the flyer you just picked up. (Submitted by Suzanne)

155. sketch his face to pin on your wall, and make your screen saver tell you the names of the league of the SP with ZOUNDS!!!! at the end. (Submitted by wity french actress)

156. take a French course at your school, choose Marguerite for your French name, and proceed to draw a certain red flower on your name tag. (guilty:) (Submitted by JulietteMarny)

157.'ve taken all the time to ACTUALLY read this (Submitted by margot)

158. have looked up the word "chambertin" and have covered your mouth in horror as you read what Sir Percy is really calling Chauvelin! (Submitted by a scarlet pimpernel lover)

159. ...your answering machine says, "Hey! You've reached the cleverest woman in Europe!" etc. etc. (Submitted by Robespierre dog owner)

160. listen to the Scarlet Pimpernel musical soundtrack, as a means to satisfy your Pimpernel cravings. (Submitted by Unknown)

161. draw pictures of Sir Percy's deep blue eyes and give them to your friends...who don't understand. (Submitted by Lady Flusteryday)

162. fly into a rage, anytime someone mentions the BBC Scarlet Pimpernel movie. Ahhh! (Submitted by Anonymous)

163. end up watching movies like "The Scarlet and Black" becuase the good guy helps refugees disappear under the noses of the bad guys. Also, you cannot get enough of daring exploits, Chauvelin-like bad guys, and rescuing people who are persecuted. (Submitted by Lady Calenta St. Lucia)

164. ...when you hear the nickname "ferret-face" on M*A*S*H, you immediately apply it to Chauvelin, and start rearranging it to avoid copyright issues. (Yes, I'm guilty. Take that, Weasel Rump!) (Submitted by The Scarlet Violet)

165. think/talk about the French Revolution at least 5 times a day. (Submitted by St. Just)

166. find that your high school is doing the Scarlet Pimpernel and promptly attach yourself to the production in one form of another. (Submitted by WAHS Pimpernel)

167. ...when you name all 7 children after characters in the books. (Submitted by Sylvia Gillman)

168. are jealous of the guy who found the ring with a pimpernel-like flower on it. (Submitted by Juliette St. Juste, long-lost cousin of Marguerite)

169. stay up until 3:20am making these comments. (Submitted by Juliette St. Juste, long-lost cousin of Marguerite)

170. are heard quoting Sir Percy's poem in your sleep. (Submitted by Juliette St. Juste, long-lost cousin of Marguerite)

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