The Scarlet Pimpernel Musical

A good number of fine people have wondered, "Gad, sir! but why is there nothing about that Scarlet Pimpernel Musical on your website?"

"Well," one said, "there are a few good reasons which, I think, will pardon me of any short comings on the subject. And my reasons, I hope, will also clear me of any charges laid before my door in the way of this being an egregious oversight."

Here, therefore, gentle readers, are my reasons, excuses, opinions, and just about any other demmed drivel on the subject.

Reason One: Sink me! there are already so many lovely sites out there soley devoted to the musical, that my poor brain could never do the thing such justice! Why repeat meself when others have said all there is to say on the matter? Therefore, I humbly direct your attention to one of those informative and charming pages. All that there is to know about the musical and its players can be found there.

Reason Two: Concerning my own personal taste... when I first heard about this musical I was quite amused! Vastly diverting, what? However, one thought did not settle well on my mind: Chauvelin singing. La! but can one truly imagine it? Brr! I cannot, I fear! Certainly not "in character" m'dears. And being forced to sit through several hours of looking at his dreadful ill-cut clothing? Sink me! but it's more than I can bear. Surely, you will forgive me on this point.

Therefore, m'dears, I have only this jovial gallery of images to offer. They are not intended to be any original or serious offering, but something in the way of an entertaining diversion. If your poor sensitive heart should weep at the very notion of fun being poked at the thing, please read no further! Sit and have some tea, m'dear; perhaps a whiff of smelling salts will recover you? My clever wife seems to prefer the scent of burning parchment for a case of dizziness... IF, however, you should care to take a turn in the gallery, please look on!

I promise to say no me upon the subject. I fear it may be "Out of the frying pan and into the Fire I Goooo!"

Ever your humble servant,

"You've got to walk like this.
I'm swishalicious!"

"And now, the *6* Little Swans,
from Tchaikovsky's Swan Lake."

{slurping noises}

In case of emergency,
skirt may be used as a
flotation device.

{singing} "Pour, O pour the
Pirate sherry, fill, O fill the Pirate
cup... I... oh. I think I'm in the
wrong prodction."


"Ahhh! A Mouse!
Get it away! Get it away!"

"It's after me!! Help!"

Not a splatter of blood on
*this* fastidious soldier.

"You don't take me seriously.
It's the tights I wear, isn't it?"

"Don't worry, we've sorted
it all out, and we really are
the best of friends!"

"Put your hands up!
We've got you surrounded."

"Ow! OW! My hair is caught..."

"Oh! Wait, wait...
my back has gone out

"I spy with
my little eye..."

{Inner Monologue}
"If this is the caliber of person
I'm going to be ruling, it hardly
seems worth the trouble, really."

"I'm the king of the world!"

"La, but I really am the most
beautiful creature in
the all the world!!"

"It is a far, far better
thing that I do now....
than I have ever done...
Wait. Wrong character."

"That's it, Percy... You
can manage to step over
that dirty spot! We mustn't
soil your beautiful shoes!
Courage, man! Let me help you.
There's a good fellow!"

"I'm trying out for the
part of Sweeny Todd...
how am I doing?"

They've taken up the delicate
art of communicating with

"Percy! GAD... was that
you?? Give us a warning
next time."

Most of these images from The Official Site. Please visit their gallery!