The Scarlet Pimpernel
(Made for TV movie)



 Produced in:


 Color and Sound:


 Directed by:

Clive Donner

 Written by:

William Bast

 Based on:

The Scarlet Pimpernel and Eldorado by Baroness Orczy


Sir Percy Blakeney -- Anthony Andrews

Lady Marguerite Blakeney -- Jane Seymour

Chauvelin -- Sir Ian McKellen

Armand St. Just -- Malcolm Jamieson

Sir Andrew Ffoulkes -- Dominic Jephcott

Lord Anthony Dewhurst -- Christopher Villiers

Lord Timothy Hastings -- Mark Drewry

Suzanne de Tournay -- Gracey Childs

The Prince Regent -- Julian Fellowes

Baron de Baats -- James Villiers

Louise -- Eleanor David

Robespierre -- Richard Morant

Bibot -- Nick Brimble

Marquis de St. Cyr -- Geoffrey Toone

The Dauphin -- Richard Charles

Aunt Lulu -- Joanna Dickens

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