English Fashion During the French Revolution

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 Cloth frockcoat
white linen cravat
buckskin trousers
fob seals covering the two front pockets
Hessian boots with tassels
beaver hat

 Court Habit
Violet satin frockcoat
white satin lining, waistcoat, and breeches
gold and green embroidery
jewelled buttons
lingerie shirt, jabot, cravat, and collar points
lace wrist frills
white silk stockings
black pumps, gold buckles
black felt hat
white frill and lining
sword on violet ribbon

 Formal habit
chocolate brown cloth frockcoat
self buttons
beige drill breeches buttoned and tied
white waistcoat, shirt and cravat
black bicorne
white silk stockings
black pumps
watch fob seal

 Heavy cloth greatcoat
green frockcoat
white trousers
front pockets
fob seal
white cravat, collar tabs
black felt hat
black Hessian boots, tassels
leaded oak stick


 Embroidered white lingerie gown
lace edged petticoat
blue velvet spencer
lapels edged red
lingerie Betsie
black yellow lawn
yellow and black ribbon
powdered hair
white slippers
brown fur muff
brown kid gloves


 Swansdown edged velvet stole
brown and black fur muff
striped cotton gown
striped silk bonnet, ribbon, and slippers
powdered hair in cadogan and curls


 Velvet gown with galloon
lingerie yoke and sleeves
embroidered shawl
bead necklace
natural hair in ringlets
satin slippers with ribbon lacings


All images and text from The Mode In Costume by R. Turner Wilcox, Charles Scribner's Sons, New York, 1958

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