Over the past 9 years, many people have helped with the
creation of this site. They have generously donated their
time and talent to making this page an informative and
worthwhile dedication to the Scarlet Pimpernel!
We are honored to mention them here, and
give them our eternal thanks!

Lani Bretta, for the creation of many e-texts!

J. Randolph Cox, for his thorough research and for providing copies
of rare texts from which electronic version were created!

Adrea, for the creation of many e-texts!

Danina, for help with creating e-texts and support!

Dorthe Enger, for her original works, feedback, and support!

Lisa Evans and Robert Traynor, for their permission to use excerpts from the
GURPS Scarlet Pimpernel book

Jennifer, for the creation of an e-text!

Anne Vilters, for help with creating an e-text!

Rachael Scarlette, for the creation of e-texts!

K. Lynette Waller and Stephan at Alla Breve, Inc. for the information and graphics of Anna Storace!

To all those individuals who donated images (thanks Ania and Sonia!) and information to the page!

To everyone who has sent their thanks, praise, and support!