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This man is highly constipated. Could we get some Ex-lax in here?

Percy Says:


"Sink me, but this is a frightful nuisance. . . Margot, please ask the cook to include more fiber in our diet."
~ Lady Windsor

"Ehh...I can't quite see you there, sonny."
~ League Member # 13

"I have hidden the Duchess in the most secret of places, and I am not sure I shall be able to GET HER OUT!"
~ DeBrabant

"Ergh! Unh! I... just... can't... seem to... get... the words...out!"

"Me? The Scarlet Pimpernel? Um, let me think. Um, er, no! That's it! No!"
~ Anonymous

"Zounds, what's that horrible smell? Monsieur Chaubertin, er... was that you?"
~ Miss Elizabeth Bennet

"Good Heavens, I have to squint to even see that ridiculous limp cravat of yours Chauvelanne, I mean Chauvelin."
~ Lady Windsor

"I think I just saw my face in the mirror...."
~ Sabn

"White shoes after labor day? Oh, Ffoulkes, how COULD you!"
~ Chaumichele

"Demm! I seem to have trod on a skunk."
~ Anonymous

"Eeeeerh... could you repeat that again! We actually have a SCRIPT to this thing?!?"
~ The Swede

"Just one problem in our plan, my friend, we seem to have forgoten one little detail!"
~ Mademoiselle Louise

"Well, you really believe I can't pretend to be French? Look at me, I AM French!"
~ one of the little pimpernels

"Whenever I want people to think I am French I just pull this face and everyone believes me!"
~ Madame Josephine

"Gad, I must get my lacquey to adjust this jock-strap immediately ...."
~ Baroness O

"Have we met before? Don't remind me. It will come to me in a second."
~ Dee Jay

"I said and then you add a soupcon of garlic not a soup dish!"
~ Dee Jay

"There's just a tad too much lemon in this demmed Frenchie cooking!"
~ Marquise de Trenchelevent

"Dear, did I forget something? Oh! Yes, of course! The script! I forgot to write the script! I'll have to go work on that..."
~ Lady Darcy

"Leech soup?  I think not!!!"
~ Lady DeLuca

"Er...yes...I do believe...I left my spectacles here, where is that demmed table?"
~ Marquise de Trenchelevent

"Sink me! No, literally! Drown me in those French imports!"
~ let them eat cake

"Marguerite was right: my trousers are too tight!"
~ let them eat cake

"I say, is that Cheuvelin running around quacking like a duck?"
~ Lady Elyci

"This silk thong is simply killing me!"
~ Sir Dingly-Dang

"Ohh, dem it Marguerite, what is that malicious burning smell?"
~ Recluse

"Do you taste this hint of smoke in the French Soup? That's how we deal with
Continental Revolutions. We make them part of our meals to get over them."

~ Farleigh

"So you want to know the identity of the Scarlet Pimpernel, eh? The Scarlet Pimpernel is... is.. he's... OH GOD I'M HAVING A HEART ATTACK!!! GYYYAAAAHHHH!!!"
[falls to the ground "unconscious"]
~ Comtesse Chatelaine

"Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeew! denm it, is that you Monsieur Chaubertin , er, Cheuvelin..."
~ Lady Foulkes

"Excuse me while I fart, ladies."
~ Freddy

"Sink me! I just realized Margot is wearing a wig! Really, m' I smell mold?"
~ Lizzie Blakeney

"Help me! I think I tied my cravat too tight!"
~ Lizzie Blakeney

"The more I squint, the prettier she gets..."
~ Jade

"I'm again before your very eyes!"
~ Froggie

"Excuse me, what did you just say!?"
~ Lizzie Blakeney

"Odd's fish, Margot, we really do need to loosen up more often, what?"
~ Anonymous in Aussie

"Ahem, Chevalier, I'm sure you please the audience with your fencing techniques, but would you mind removing your sword from my back?"
~ Sir Antony Gaultier

"One more lame fart joke, and i am going to hang my self with that limp cravat!"
~ dutch Pimpernel freak

"And stop reminding me of that  ^&%#**  Spiceworld film, Sir Andrew"
~ Randy andy FFolkes

"I think I shall die. Baroness Orczy has just teleported me to the future, and ... and... in the 1930s

~ Loni

"I seem to be having a sort of accident, could you please direct me to the nearest restroom?"
~ Dunlarc

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