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Marguerite says:


"That lemon. . . is . . . soo. . . . bitter!"

"I'm going to spit in your face . . ."


"You know what, Percy? They're gonna make a ruddy fountain of ME. With water. . . SPITTIN' from MY mouth! Ha! So there, Mr. Pretty Calves!
~ The Elusive Thespian

"Percy, look at these poor excuses for lips! Would you please pay for some collagen injections!"
~ Lady Windsor

"Why is everyone staring at me? Percy! You fool! I told you the wig looked
like a dead squirrel!!"

~ Lady Marie

"Shouldn't have eaten all that peanut butter!"
~ Theresia Cabarrus, spy

"I am the Margueritte that says Ni!   Ni!Ni!Ni!Ni!   Aargh! Wrong Movie! This is a different English idiot!"
~ DeBrabant

"Well it certainly isn't *my* fault the vacuum cleaner went haywire!"

"Oooooooh you scoundrel, Sir Percy!"
~ Anonymous

"Who? Who? Who?"
~ Elitha

"Watch Marguerite as she demonstrates the proper way to say a short vowel O. Ooooh! Very Good. Hooked on Phonics worked for her, it can work for you too!"
~ Miss Elizabeth Bennet

"Oooh... Henry Higgins, just you wait until we're swimming in the sea.... Sorry, I thought I heard someone say Karaoke...carry on."
~ Lady Windsor

"Demmit, look! Look at my ugly hairy mole! Look!"
~ Bond, James Bond

"Whooooooooooooooooooooo is the Scarlet Pimpernel?"
~ Bronwyn, the Magnificent 8 year old

"Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat did you say about my hair, Percy? How *dare* you?!"

"Percy, I'm not kidding this time! I need the Heimlich Maneuver! Now, you wimp!!"
~ The Swede

"Arrrrrrgh! Why are you constantly staring at me like that? I daresay, Sir Percy. I've told you once and I'll tell you again.... my hair is REAL! It is NOT a WIG!!!"
~ Suzanne

"Ooooooooo! Percy, the prince smells just as bad as you!"
~ Irena

"Phheeeewww! Percy, have you been eating that rotten French cheese again?"
~ Sir Dingly-Dang

"Ooooooooooooo get me my agent. I can't take this movie any longer!"
~ Anonymous

"They called me FAT!!"
~ Lady Steph

"OOOOH! That's a strong minty sweet! You should all try it, including you, Percy!"
~ Mademoiselle Louise

"Oeh! You stepped on my toes, you bloody imbicile! When we're off the set I'm gonna mash you to a bloody pulp!"
~ the little pimpernels

"I can't stop my face from twitching! Probably because REG is so much fun!"
~ Madame Josephine

"You know how to whistle don't you. You put your lips together and blow."
~ Dee Jay

"Ooooh! Goose me again and I'll forget I'm a lady."
~ Dee Jay

"WOO-HOOOO, Percy; those are some tight pantaloons you're wearing!"
~ Lady DeLuca

"I should have listened to my mother; never try snuff!"
~ let them eat cake

"Oh no! your hair is on fire! Let me blow it out."
~ let them eat cake

"What??  You put my name in the credits??  My reputation is ruined!"
~ Mademoiselle Manette

"You saved WHO? God, not that demmed Mon Claris De Fame, I owe her Money you twit!"
~ Recluse

"And I'll have YO-O-U know, Percy, that my fellow Frenchies find this moustache of mine quite alluring!"
~ Ginger Berry

"You slept with WHO??? Madame Guillotine??? OOOOOO!"
~ Aurora Daae

"Bigad, milady! Did a wasp sting you, my dear? You're swelling all over!"
~ Mlle. Camille

"Ooo! You're a sassy little dandy, aren't you, Percy?" ::growl::
~ Mlle. Camille

*Thinking*: Goldfish are harder to swallow than I thought. Especially live ones.
~ Dori

"Is not my hair a lovely nightmare?"
~ Suzanne Pimpernel

"OOOOHHH! Percy, you should have heard His Highness rip a HUGE one! And, boy, did it smell."
~ Freddy

"Who is this Mother Pucker you keep referring to?  You think *I* can't do that?"
~ Paul

"OOOOOOOOOH, Percy! I think I just saw my face in the mirror!"
~ Lizzie Blakeney

"I have told you before and I will tell you again,I AM NOT WEARING A WIG!"
~ Lizzie Blakeney

"Whenever I feel afraid,
I hold my head erect,
And whistle a happy tune
So no one will suspect."

~ Anonymous

Marguerite: "PERCY! What did the cook put in that omlet I just ate?!"
Percy: "And what would you be reffering to?"
Margeurite: "The left-over of that on the table!"
Percy: *mouth opens wide* "W-w-well that ain't an omlet, m'dear...that is a cravat."

~ Robespiere

"Oooh, you're right, Percy, in playing charades you always win... I AM impersonating an ugly person!"
~ The Scarret Pimperzel

"Ooooooooooh...... Percy, darling, did Robespierre get his new no line bi-focals at Lens Crafters? Those frame simply scrrrrream Pearl Vision, if you ask me!!"
~ Rhiannon

"What'll we do about this , Marguerite ? I've sent the HELP home, and ,we're both doing the dishes !"
~ Ponecy Del Loene

"D'you think I look more French this way?"
~ Dori

"And now my impression of a cat's bum ..."
~ Randy andy FFolkes

"Uh, ma'am . . . are those guns registered?"
~ Solange

"What do you mean you don't know how to eat spaghetti? You just go like THIS..."
~ Loni

"WHHHHHAAAAAAAATT! There's no script for this movie!?"
~ me

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