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Madame La Guillotine says:

 "I love being a slut."

 "Got milk?"

 "Bordeaux 1659...not a good year."

 "My life is just so difficult."

 "I always entertain in the bath; it's so French of me!"
~ Lady Windsor

 "I'm glad that they forced me to bathe because I have the stench of a large, malodorous, rotting weed."

 "I'm so egotistical, I drink my *own* bath water. Ahh!"

 "This movie does suck, doesn't it? Ah well, I love being a slut! Ha!"

 "Like the biceps? Robespierre hired me a personal trainer!"
Lady Windsor

 "I love being me!"
~ Anon

 "I feel pretty, oh so pretty, I feel pretty and witty and bright, and I pitty, those aristos who I kill tonight!"
~ Lady Windsor

 "Apres nous, le deluge."
~ Cass

 "Why are you watching me? Do you think this is a free show? <coyly> Well, all right then...."
~ Chaumichele

 "Damn! It's not?!? And here I thought it was Xena: Warrior Princess the TV-movie! I have been decieved by A&E! Aaaaaagh!!"
~ The Swede

 " red koolaid? You decide."
~ Suzanne

 "I hope the stupid revolutionnaries are killed in their bath tubs. Ahem, AHEM Mademoiselle Corday."
~Mademoiselle Moi

"So where's my flake?"
~ Dee Jay

 "I hope you've remembered your rubber duck..."
~ Dee Jay

 "Mass murder!  Intrigue!  Double-agents!  CALGON, TAKE ME AWAY!"
~ Ginger Beer

 "People think I'm a slut. but I'm just *French*!"
~ let them eat cake

"Honest officer, I've been in this bubble bath all afternoon. So you see, I couldn't have killed my husband."
~ The Pewee

 "Oh the English, and their stupid sense of FOREPLAY!"
~ Aurora Daae

 ::singing:: "If I only had a brain..... la la la!"
~ Mlle. Camille

 "WHAT!!! I WAS FOOLED BY THAT SCARLET PIMPERNEL!!! You HAD to tell me while I was taking a BATH!"
~ Lizzie Blakeney

"I wish I didn't have to take a bath. That way, if I don't like someone, I just get close to them and the over-powering stench makes them back away."
~ Lizzie Blakeney

 "This vintage is not a good wine...nor a good day...and I need a holiday!"
~ Anonymous in Aussie

 "Sink me....literally!"
~ Lady Kathleen

 *sigh* "Percy, my dear--the more I drink, the better you look......"
~ Miz Tiggle

"FIVE PENCE A LOOK!!!! FIVE PENCE A LOOK!!!! Hey, I'm saving for a new guillotine."
~ Loni


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