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 Percy Says:

 Marguerite Says:

"My God, darling, where did you get those? I don't remember them!"

 "Where did these come from??"

 "Did you know that your most attractive feature is your breasts? Too bad there weren't more of them in this film."

 "I was so depressed throughout the film because I didn't have any breasts. But now I'm quite happy!"

 "Look! A double feature!"

 "I got them at a two for one sale"

 "Margot, are those . . . real?"

 "Do they make me look fat?"

 "What a pair of knockers!"

 "Gee, Percy, I think you're the ONLY man in Paris who hasn't seen my breasts."

 "It's like the continental divide!"

 "Do you notice anything. . . different about me, Percy?"

 "It's kind of nippy outside; just let me put my face right HERE. . ."

 "Did you get a good look, darling?"

 "In that dress, dear, you look your breast .... Best! I mean best! Best!"

 "Look at these. It will help you relax and forget all those people you killed today."

~ Emma

 "Can I hold your baby for you, Madame? What, I . . Oh my God! Marguerite! I didn't know we had a . . .oh!!!! Since when did we have twins!?!"

 "Oh yeah? Well, see how you like it when I grab *that*!"

~ Bec

"Gad, m'dear! Allow me to select for you an appropriate lace tuck!"

~ Cassandra de Feuillide

 "Can I possibly be more of a slut, or should they just give me a crown now?"


 "Sink me! if they don't make you look even fatter . . . and that nose-squashing thing . . . divine!


 "Bet your glad you saved me now, right?"

~Lady Catherine

 "Short hair, low neckline, what were you thinking my dear, you look like that blasted Minette!"

~Lady Windsor

 "What do you mean, you don't give a damn about my hair?!"

~ DeBrabant

 "I knew there was a reason why I got into this mess...My dear, I suggest we find a very nice lodging place and explore these new developments in our relationship!"

~ DeBrabant

 "It's because you're British, isn't it?"

~ Anonymous

 "Well dash it all Margurite... I don't believe I authorized payment for *those*!"

~ Anonymous


~ Anonymous

 "My God! Could they possibly be any larger m'dear?"

~ Jo Francis

 "How much larger?"

~ Jo Francis

 "Tell me -- if I sing here, do
I sound like Maurice Chevalier?"

~ Lady Windsor

 "Did you make dinner reservations for the FOUR of us, dear?"

~ Lady Whitaker

 "Uh, Margot, did you happen to stick your finger in a light socket or did you get shocked by lightening?"

~ Suzanne

 "Begad, Percy. You look positively frightening in that cravat!!"

~ Suzanne

 "Oh, I see your American... tits everywhere...."

~ Ivory Pimpkin

 "Gad, Percy, I think you're a bit TOO demmed good at tying that cravat....!"

~ Baroness O

 "Margot, demmed good thing those Frenchies forgot to check in there for aristos!"

~ Anonymous

 "Percy, I've just realized what corsets are for!"

~ Sir Dingly-Dang

 "Oh, dash it all... Marguerite, your wig's falling off again.
Don't worry, I'll catch it..."

~ Lady Lisa Blakeney

 "Oh Percy, catch me! I'm feeling a little top-heavy for some odd reason."

~ Sir Dingly-Dang

 "Marguerite, now I remember why I still loved you through all the treachery!"

~ Matt

 "You can't see my tan lines, can you?"

~ Sir Dingly-Dang

 "Gad! Marguerite, have you been watching porno?!"

~ Irena

 "I never realized how little hair you have up here, Percy!"

~ Sir Dingly-Dang

 "Am I in heaven or am I in hell? They're demmed intrusive Margot ma belle. Egad - over the top for this Pimpernel."

~ La Belle Dame de Zambie

 "Don't save me yet Percy, you didn't look at the job I got done in paris! He he! do you like it?"


 "Sink me! You like UDDERly ridiculous in that dress, my dear."

~ Daydream

 "The lady at the store said they'd make great conversation pieces, but Percy, whenever I bring them out all I ever get are gawks and stares and from the really articulate maybe a 'Hubba Hubba!'  Let me tell you, I should sue for false advertising!"


 "Look out!! Iceburgs right ahead!!"

~ Sir Percival Balekeney Himself

 "Dear me Percy!  Don't tell me you don't like them!!!  I got them just to please you!"

~ Lady Paige

 "Wow...I think prison was really good for you..."

~ Lady Steph

"Do you think anyone will notice this dress has shrunk in the wash, darling?"

~ Dee Jay

 "No! Please, my dear, don't let them out!!"

~ John de Clare

 ::Inner Dialogue:: "The things I have to do to get his attention!"

~ Sir Dingly Dang

 "Oh!  Look a'them squirrel-heads!"

~ Anonymous

 "I should try wearing a corset more often!"

~ Sir Dingly Dang

 "Yes, Darling, that wonderbra makes all the difference."

~ Dee Jay

 "Well ...They don't call you the Scarlet PIMP-ernel for nothing, now do they?"

~ LadyFrady

 "Darling, I think you're becoming more than a handful."

~ Dee Jay

 "I know what your looking at , I know that it is not in fashion anymore but the men at
the caberet like it!"

~ let them eat cake

 "Egads! Madame, from this angle, I begin to wonder what exactly those Frenchies WERE after!"

~ Marquise de Trenchelevent

"I know that the dress is out of fashion, but the men at the caberet like it!"

~ let them eat cake

"You have perked up the little pimpernel!"

~ let them eat cake

 "Next time, save me when I still have my hair!"

~ lady

 "Dem it, Margot, but I cannot see a thing! except..."

~ Lady Foulkes

"Spy, rescuer, support garment -- my husband does it all!"

~ Ginger Beer

"Odd's fish!If I had known about this, maybe I would have saved you earlier!"

~ Lizzie Blakeney

 "You're nose looks so cold.... here let me warm it up for you!"

~ Anonymous

 "I'm wondering if they're real or not...but I like them anyway!"

~ anonymous
 "My God, Percy, how long are you planning to hold me up here?..Hello?...Percy...what are you staring at??"


"Odd's fish m'dear...getting all three of you over to Blighty may be more than a lark..Still, breast foot forward, and all hands to the pumps!"

~ Robert

"Egad, Marguerite, next time I'll come to France I'll know where to hide my entire league and I!"

~ Lorelay

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